Relationships on Bipolar

Relationships can be challenging, but they are especially challenging when having bipolar. I mess things up when they are good, or bad. Doesn't matter. When they are good, I miss cues where I say shit at the wrong time and ruin things, happy good moods. For example, my husband and I can be having a pretty good day, but I've had a bad day at work (a huge stressor of mine, owning a business), and I'll pick at him with things that don't matter when he is in a rare good mood. I'll say something he does that bothers me and he's torn down already due to his own mental health issues. Then I just keep making it worse by.. saying things wrong in trying to make it better. Soon enough, he says something that pisses me off and I lay the final bad comment down and then the entire next 1.75 days are complete shit trying to get it back to good.

I wish I could just recognize when is a good time to talk about every day bothers instead of on a good day. I wish I could find a better way to speak my piece without aggravating him. I wish there was an easier way back to good.

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